Eötvös University Math Choir

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Ordinary rehearsal:                                     (Tourdion variations)

Every Thursday, 6:00 pm-8:00 pm
Building C, Room 0.821 (Bolyai)

Extraordinary rehearsal:          not planned

Our history in reverse chronological order ( back to the main page )

Concert of Mathematicians  28th April 2010

 Video  (avi)

 Erőd Iván: Viva la musica
 Martin Nyström: As The Deer
 Farkas Ferenc: Pataki diákdalok

 (avi)  Our director and his girlfriend's performance

 Tavaszi szél vizet áraszt
 Sebő Ferenc: Sólyom-ének

 (avi)  Performance of the Cauchy Club Singers

 Peter Ljondev: Ergen Deda
 Tomaso Pecci: Fidelity
 Farkas Ferenc: Hajnalnóta

 (avi)  Our co-production with the Colichorus and the Eugene Wiegner Choir


Stereoscopy 12 March 2010

Swing Low
 Erőd Iván: Viva la musica
Jazz canon

Painful farewell from our charter director and his wife  7th January 2010

And after they parted

Bea's karaoke farewell party  13th August 2009

Bea moved to Ireland

ELTE TTK Graduation  26th July 2009

 Hungarian national anthem
 Ave vera virginitas
 Gaudeamus igitur

Bertye and Tamás' wedding  2nd May 2009

 Charpentier: Te Deum
 Lassus: Jubilate Deo
Taizé songs.

Concert of Mathematicians  22nd April 2009

Video  (avi)

 Szép Könyörgés

 (avi)  Performance of the Cauchy Club Singers

 Jazz Canon

Excursion  29th March 2009

Christmas Concert on the Department of Operational Research  2008

 Silent Night
 Swing Low
 * What child is this
 Hark! The herald

Karaoke party  22nd October 2008

Dóri and Lipi's wedding  27th September 2008

Bea and Dani's wedding  2nd August 2008

Video (még nincs)  Co-production with Endorfin Zajoskör

 Charpentier: Te Deum
 Lassus: Jubilate Deo
 * * Stand by me

Excursion  1st May 2008

Concert of Mathematicians  2008

(avi)  Deep River
(avi)  * Hogyha a férjem
(avi)  * Pastyme

 (avi)   J. S. Bach - BWV227  (nincs)    Co-production with Nemzeti Felharmonikusok

 * * Jesu Meine Freude
 * * Es ist nun nichts
 * * Unter deinen Schirmen

After the performance we went to a karaoke bar

Christmas concert at Ancsa's Grandparents  2007

 Hark! The herald
 * Nobody knows
 * Pastyme
 * Il bianco e dolce cigno
 Deep River
 Silent Night

Christmas concert at JAG  2007

Video  (avi)

 Hark! The herald
 * Nobody knows
 * Pastyme
 * Say love, if ever
 Deep River With new and improved harmonies :)
 Silent Night

ExhibiSün  2007

Video  (nincs)

 * * Siyahamba
 * * Mary had a baby
 * Lollipop

Concert of Mathematicians  21st March 2007

Video  (avi)

 * * Alta Trinita beata
 Charpentier: Te Deum
 * * Contraponto bestiale alla mente
 * * Innsbruck
 * Lollipop

We have also learned

 * * All you need is lóvé
 * * Nun ruhen alle Wälder
 * * Viva tutte le vezzose
 * * Wer nur den lieben Gott läßt walten
 * * La Cucaracha

In the hot autumn of 2006, the Eötvös University Math Choir has founded

If you are a mathematician and enjoy singing,
join our amateur choir.